Year abroad

(on my German exchange, floppy fringe and all)

I have always wanted to study or live abroad. Even when I was a child I wanted to work in IT (like my dad) in America. By the time I was 16, this had developed into wanting to study abroad in Germany as part of a combined German and Law degree. Over the two years of Sixth Form, I realised that I was horrendous at German and that a German degree was entirely unfeasible, and that, despite having already applied, I didn't really want to study Law. My travel bug grew even more on my gap year when I travelled to Uganda, South Sudan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Lisbon, so when it came to reapplying I chose Kent because of its year abroad program.

(In South Sudan on top of a Cosco container eating peaches)

I struggled to decide between America, Europe and Hong Kong before finally settling on America. Europe seemed too close, somewhere I could experience whenever I wanted to and on whatever budget, so I pretty quickly dismissed it. Hong Kong I held onto for longer because I loved it on my gap year. However, the extreme language difference and the high work standard put me off. 

So I chose America. I applied to five and got into my first choice, Lehigh. Since then, I have filled in a million different forms, health questionnaires, financial declarations, accommodation application, booked my flights and sorted out my visa, and I'm all set to go!

Now that I'm in the States, this little space on the internet will become largely a way for me to share with my friends and family back home about my life over the pond.

If you wish to follow the story of my year abroad and ignore the other random rambling of my life, please click here and you will find all the posts that I have labelled "year abroad", but please stick around and read the rest!