A hair story

At the moment I am completely obsessed with hair. For the past 2 years I have been "growing my hair" and it has got to the stage where I just. want. it. to. be. long! I cut it all off at the beginning of 2012 and absolutely loved it. (I have to apologise for the millions of selfies in this post- I only have early photos from my extremely vain instagram account!) This is what it initially looked like:

Casual hand placement

It was automatically styled with zero effort from me and required little to no daily upkeep. It felt really me and for 6 months of regular, expensive hair appointments it was great. However, paying £30 every 4 weeks for maintenance, it wasn't as practical as I hoped. I found myself yearning after hair I could curl and braid and play with and thus begun the journey of growing my hair.

After about 4 months I dyed it black because I was sick of it.

Which wasn't exactly a great idea in hindsight!

And then it slowly started to grow until I could put it up and start playing with it; it was a very exciting day when I first put it in a ponytail!

So when I went travelling and took a billion pictures, it was at a horrible awkward length!

By the time I started uni, it had got to an acceptable mid length and I reinstated my fringe. Oh, and I dyed it horrendously red. Whenever I get sick of my hair I seem to make an awful dye choice!

Living in a house of boys, my hair never really bothered me to be honest, the fringe kept it styled and I liked starting to experiment with it, putting it up in a bun or half up half down- wild, I know. By the end of the year I was itching to cut it all off again. I wanted it short and styled again. I wanted to cut it SO BADLY! The colour had all gone and it was just boring brown, though it looked nice for my summer ball:

To resist The Chop, I did what every 14 to 20 year old did this year and got ombre. It looked surprisingly nice, and being light was enough of a change to make me put down the scissors,

Hair credit to Dove Al-Hajjaj

For the summer I was content. But as any girl knows, after a while your reflection becomes too familiar, too boring and you just want a change! So this year I decided to start the painstaking process of growing out the fringe I've sported since I was fourteen. It's been long and hard and I just can't wait for the day I don't need to pin it! Though I'm sure by then I'll be sick of not having a fringe and cut it in again ;)

Now I just need to find the ridiculous amount of hair grips that I have bought and subsequently lost since September and wait for the goddess of hair growth to bless me with the long, one-length hair I surely deserve!

And thus concludes a long and pointless post on the history of my hair.

Thank you for pretending to care :)

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2 Responses to “A hair story”

  1. I was just browsing some casual hand placements and I don't know how I came across this but I, personally, thought it was pretty cool (having just shaved my head 3 months ago).
    Anyway, it's coming back nicely. You look really pretty with your hair, no matter the length.

    1. I was researching Enrico Fermi and studying neutrinos when I had a sudden and profound urge to look up natural hand placements, and I came across this as well! I also ended up reading the whole article and found it interesting to see the progression since I'm similarly growing out my hair, but its probably more because of the weed.


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